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"Favelas ft. Sadat X & Diana Purim" b​/​w "Favelas (Instrumental​)​"

by Connie Price & The Keystones

SADAT X - FAVELAS V1 Welcome to favela, ghetto dweller, shanty town Over here in the States the same thing is goin’ down People mostly brown, rapid growing’ population, crime and starvation But still elevation, self preservation, people tryin’ to survive In ’24 I want us all to arrive Drug trade, sports, local run businesses People choosing’ fitness are growing’ old fat For the mice we get a cat, yesterday we caught a rat But in spite of all of that there’s good in the ‘hood Please get that understood, it’s a daily struggle, life can be a juggle But it’s a beautiful thing, whose crowned as king? As the man who protects his own in the favela where the children are born grown You better teach your own, reach your own, teach your own, you better reach your own. V2 The ghetto is a state of mind, the ghetto can’t be clearly defined What start as a slum is a kingdom to some Favela, the ‘hood, whether bad or good From poverty grows roses, crime exposes, there’s a beautiful mix Homes made of mud and bricks to drug palaces made of gold Take it all and then behold where the common folks live Positive to negative, favela, sometimes it’s like animals in cages We grow, we always do, what about you? We a chosen few, we make old new. From dirt grows riches, the narrative switches, to greatness I’m only statin’ this as fact, we survive through the cracks and make new tracks Righteous acts, that’s what we do, that’s what we do. V3 Out of struggle and poverty came our verse of rap Favela, the same thing I call a trap Dreams told aloud in poetic form Through Northern winters and Brazilian rainstorms Me, the God, I change forms, Ima always eat Dat X on the mic and Connie Price on the beat Vocals tones, Keystones, no clones The great Dotty X is one of one At night I’m with the moon, in the morning with the sun. Make a list of what I done would fill up the scrolls, No actors, no movie roles just a strive and I ain’t say I’m the best alive But I’m close, people say I’m doin’ the most Please believe and if you press me I’ll make it harder to breath I’m only here to achieve from New York to Rio It’s a mutual respect, we gon’ stay on your neck We gon’ stay on your neck!


Last summer we took a record trip to California and when in LA, we had the chance to meet Dan Ubick, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, DJ and one of the nicests guys you'll ever meet. We met on a friday night in North Hollywood around tacos and Micheladas and discussed music, his tour experiences with De La Soul, and talked about records and more records. We had been following Dan's work since the early 2000s as he was an original member of the legendary Breakestra, brain child of Connie Price & The Keystones and founding member of reggae bands The Lions and Night Owls.

After a while into our conversation it was clear that we spoke the same language musically so a collaboration between us seemed logical. He suggested recording a couple of instrumentals which morphed into the funky, Brazilian-inspired hip-hop 7” you hold in your hands. To enhance the flavor Dan brought in his good friend and ace percussion player Bobby Easton, singer Diana Purim (daughter of Brazilian luminaries Airto Moreira and Flora Purim) to help sing the hook and the one-and-only Sadat X from NYC’s legendary Brand Nubian, whom he’s been lucky enough to work with a few times over the years.

The result is a funky, moody, psychedelic mid-tempo vehicle for Sadat X’s poignant verses about the similarities between living in to the projects of New York City and the favelas of Rio de Janeiro - the good, the bad and everything in between which graces Side A. Side B features the Instrumental for listeners to hone in on Connie Price’s funky drums, Julius Augustus’ slinky bassline, Richard Donovan’s haunting organ and synth parts, and Bobby Easton’s saturnine and expressive berimbau, cuica, caxixi and reco-reco.


releases March 3, 2024

Produced, recorded and mixed by Dan Ubick for DanUbe Productions at Lions Den Studios, Topanga, CA

Constantine “Connie” Price: drums & tambourine
Julius Augustus: bass
Bobby Easton: cuica, caxixi,
berimbau & reco reco
Richard Donovan : Hammond Organ, Micro Korg
Dan Ubick: fuzz guitar, violão


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